Thursday April 15th, 2021


Hon. Engr. Ahmad Satomi was born and brought up in Old Maiduguri of Jere Local Government Area. He was born to the family of the late Hajiya Hadiza Grema Mustapha and late Ahmad Dikwa all of blessed memory. He started his schooling at Old Maiduguri Primary School then proceeded to Government College Maiduguri in 1993 for his post primary education and concluded his Secondary School in 1999 from SS3A. He later on went to Teachers Institute Kaduna where he obtained the Pivotal Teacher’s Certificate and then obtained a Diploma in Computer Programming so as to equip himself with the necessary skills required to work and earn money before he can proceed with further studies because there was no one to sponsor him. With these qualifications, he started working as a volunteer Teacher at Mafoni Day Secondary School. At that time public schools in Maiduguri were short of competent mathematics teachers. There were only two mathematics teachers so he volunteered to teach Mathematics because it was his best subject. He taught there as a volunteer teacher for nine years before he got admitted into the University of Maiduguri to study Medicine but because his Physics was pending at that time he started from Remedial Sciences. It was while at the Remedial studies program that he discovered that his destiny and life passion is not going to be in the Medical Sciences but in the Faculty of Engineering where he ended up studying Civil and Water Resources Engineering and Masters Degree in Highway and Transportation Engineering. He is an astute politician with a mindset for community service and grassroots development, Engr. Satomi has been with President Buhari since the ANPP days after which he later moved with the President to the CPC where he served as in various leadership capacities. He did his NYSC Primary Assignment at Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and after completion of his NYSC, Engr. Satomi was employed as a Resident Engineer and later became the Principal Engineer by a Multibillion Naira construction company called SKY (Sani Kongila Yakasai) Technical and Constructions Nig. Ltd. He left his work to come and contested for the member representing Jere in the Federal House of Representatives in 2015 but lost with a very narrow margin during the primaries. He was later appointed as the chairman of State Emergency Management Agency where he was able to reorganize the agency for better service delivery.

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