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Honourable Emmanuel Sunday Akpan was born in 1967. He hails from Ukara Essien in Essien Udim Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. He is an administrator, businessman and politician who currently serves as a member of the Federal House of Representatives representing Ikot Ekpene/ Essien Udim/ Obot Akara Constituency.

Hon. Akpan attended Independent High School, Ukara Essien in Awka Ibom State where he earned his West African Senior Certificate (WASC). In 2005, he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration from the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Honourable Emmanuel was later elected into the Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly, where he served as the chief whip from 2007 to 2011. He also served as the board chairman of the Akwa Ibom Rural Water and Sanitation Agency. He was also the Managing Director of SMSA Petroleum Ltd. 

In 2015 he was elected as a member of Federal House of Representatives, representing Ikot Ekpene/ Essien Udim/ Obot Akara Federal Constituency of Akwa Ibom state under the platform of the People's Democratic Party (PDP). As a member of the House of Representatives, he targets to attract federal projects to his constituency, and to be a vibrant legislator.

Honourable Emmanuel has been responsible for several bills such as;

  • Motion on the need for revival of large scale production of palm oil in Nigeria.
  • Bill to amend the SON Act, 2015. This bill empowers the organisation to carry out inspection of all goods imported to Nigeria.
  • Presented a motion on the need for reconstruction and dualization of Ikot Ekpene – Umuahia road.
  • Motion on the need for federal government to establish more colleges of special education in Nigeria.
  • The need to address the recurring causes of death caused by generator fumes in Nigerian homes and other motions of national importance.

He is currently a member of the All Progressive Congress (APC).

  • Excellence Award from the Institute of Town Planners
  • Award of Excellence from the Petroleum Institute

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