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About Us

Mypoliticalhub (MPH) is your one-stop platform for everything politics in Nigeria and beyond. It is independent, non-governmental and not affiliated with any political, religious or tribal group. It is here to change the way we do politics, bringing us a step closer to transparency and trust.

Our Mission:
  • To have all the up to date and relevant political news under one platform.
  • Access to first-hand information from the politicians.
  • Opportunity for you to ask questions directly, make comments, agree or disagree, rate and track a politician’s promises and mandates.
  • To encourage discussion of political events as they unfold.

Politics nowadays is influenced by social media, fake news and outrageous attention-grabbing headlines. It is impossible to separate the grain from the chaff. MPH is here to change the way we do politics; it is here to give you clarity amongst all the noise in a simple, reliable and transparent manner.

As a Citizen and potential vote:
  • You can have immediate access to the people you voted into office.
  • You can make informed, unbiased decisions when it comes to elections; what’s better than having a platform like this to interact directly with your elected politicians?
  • You can rate your politicians using digital ratings and promote those politicians that are keeping to their promises.
As an elected Politician or aspiring politician
  • Showcase your activities directly to the people that matter.
  • Take conversation about politics to a platform designed for politics alone.
  • Reach out easily to your followers and build an effective grass root movement.
  • Connect to new audiences and influence new followers particularly among young voters.

Join us today in this exciting new adventure!!!